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What is the Worldwide Roar?

The Worldwide Roar is a mental health project with a human rights message.  Drawing on ten years of learning at Warwick Rowers, the Roar has been created with the help of academic experts at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Calgary. The Roar will enable men to set project-based goals based on their sporting skills, their physical fitness, their social skills, empathy, courage and commitment to change.
Participants will set their own objectives as part of an individual and group process that considers the purpose of the project, the reasons for taking part and the potential results.  As we have established over the last ten years, the nudity will enable men to share new experiences, embrace new perspectives and show commitment to their goals.  
Alongside personal development outcomes for participants, the Roar will: support local charities meeting local needs; fund sport at a grass roots level; enable participant to show leadership on key human rights issues within their own communities; fund the core activities of registered charity Sport Allies to identify and share best practice of inclusion through sport; andoffer participants a global platform to express their perspectives.  
The Roar is intended to open a global, mindful conversation with everyone affected by male mental health.  


History of the Worldwide Roar

The Worldwide Roar is the new name and the next phase of the Warwick Rowers project, which was created by photographer Angus Malcolm to raise funds for a university boat club.   The project provided significant funding to the rowing programme at Warwick University for many years, but the principal beneficiary of the project's charitable giving is now the registered charity, Sport Allies.  Sport Allies was founded in 2014 to build on the success of the Warwick Rowers project in recognising the capacity for sport to make a contribution to greater diversity and inclusion.  The charity has been funded by the Warwick Rowers project since it was set up and has received nearly £120,000 in funding from Warwick Rowers sales.  

How much of your money goes to good causes?

We operate as a social enterprise, focused on running an ethical business that creates value for others.   We originally gave all profits to the rowing programme at Warwick University, and they have received over £150,000.    However, Warwick University has now moved to support its sports programme from its own resources, so we focus on providing support that is more in line with the campaigning objectives of our calendar.  In line with our new policy, we have donated nearly £120,000 to Sport Allies since 2014. 

What products do you sell?

We sell a growing range of Warwick Rowers products, including the print calendars, the "making of the calendar" films, clothing, art prints, digital subscriptions with lots of new images and great new films delivered to your account every month and, of course, our very special coffee table book.

Why do you want to write to me?

Two reasons. Firstly, we want to be able to let you know when we launch a new product or offer that might interest you. Also, and just as importantly, we want to keep you posted on the work of Warwick Rowers and Sport Allies - you have funded it, and we know you care about it as much as we do.

Where do you sell your products?

We sell our products online at, so you're in the right place, right now! And we deliver all over the world!!

So is this a student project or a professional enterprise?

What started as a small volunteer project has grown into a flourishing social enterprise where experienced professionals,  paid interns and unpaid volunteers work together in a relationship that combines volunteering, mentoring and work experience. It is a cross-generational gay/straight alliance of which we are all very proud!